Software as a service


SAAS stands for Software as a Service. This is a model where software vendors and also Alympus offer their software via the ASP model.


An Application Service Provider (shortly ASP) is an organization that allows you to conduct a part of your administrative business processes through an internet connection. There are actually two types of applications offered, namely:


Webbased; Where you only need a connection to the internet and a browser. The applications are specifically designed to use over the Internet. In most cases, software vendors use this model to act as ASP. This is also known as Software as a Service, in short: SAAS, when it comes to this offer.


Web enabled; In this case, (usually Windows-based applications) are offered via Terminal Server Emulation through the Internet. These are usually Internet Service Providers (ISPs) that act as Application Service Provider and make third-party software available through this model. In the latter case, it is referred to as “Application hosting”, which allows you to submit your applications to a specialized hosting company.

The Employability Monitor is a web-based application and is therefore available everywhere via an internet connection.

Advantages SAAS-model

Less investment

IT applications can be used on a subscription basis. Investments in hardware and software can decrease considerably. If you are using a SAAS application, you only need to have one or more PC’s (with or without a network) with an internet connection and maybe some (local) printers. You do not have to purchase the software, but you rent the software through the subscription contract.


Built-up knowledge

Often an ASP provider specializes in certain software packages. You can then benefit from its accumulated knowledge without even setting up an IT department with experts.

Attention points SAAS model

Direct internet connection
Take into account the cost of a direct internet connection (with sufficient bandwidth on busy hours of the day). With broadband internet (cable, adsl) at a fixed amount per month, the costs will also be limited according to us.


How do you deal with customized software or a link with existing systems in your company?