• Web-based tool and thus accessible through the internet and 24/7
• Secured with cerrtificate https:// and blocked after incorrect login
• Menu structure is scalable and collapsible
• Qualified as approved by auditors
• Userstraining in a part of the day
• Mapping current situation versus desired situation
• Tailor-made competency management
• Safeguarding and maintaining training plan
• Structural link with PI system by using excel

Base tables

• Fill in employability criteria. Determining head and subgroups
• Set the legend scale
• Import and export of employability criteria to Excel
• User rights, from management to view and from employee level
• Email signaling at end contract
• Easily assemble job profiles
• Integrate personal profile / competencies
• Multiple branches possible
• Divide divisions into teams
• Fill in personal information of employees. Date of employment, salary, FTE


• Transparant monitoring of assessing/managing Performance management
• Enter reviews per department
• Digital file with custom-sized files, with tabs classfied
• Builds history of development
• Email signaling, such as expired validity certificate
• Scoreboard with action plan per employability criteria
• Employability criteria available as a hyperlink, making the underlying explanation immediately visible
• Immediately call up a list of outstanding actions
• Personal employee profile of each employee is customizable by the department manager


• Management reports / analyzes at company, departmental and personal level
• Reporting employee with standard rating form and script
• Employees can leave and / or mail a response in the monitor
• Analysis reports with rating color and match percentages
• Charts showing employability criteria at departmental and company level CPIs ’s, match % and degree of employability
• See the best performers in a job
• Call and export job profiles to Excel / PDF
• Reflect standard FTE to current FTE

360°/180° Feedback module

• Give online feedback on the developed competencies of colleagues’s
• Objectively measure by randomly offering the competency levels
• Measure how the employee scores himself
• Match ratings with standards and 360°/180° feedback
• (Graphical) analysis reviews
• Directly integrated into Employability Monitor