My layout is staggered. How can I fix this?

Check if the compatibility mode is on to show the employability monitor and turn it off if necessary.

Can I update my browser?

The employability monitor may not work properly anymore after updating your internet browser. However, the employability monitor works in most recent versions of the following browsers and has been tested with Internet Explorer 11, Google Chrome (version 40.0 or newer), Safari (version 8.0 or newer) and Firefox (version 35.0 or later). If your browser is not supported, parts of the employability monitor may not work properly.

Can I use the employability monitor on my tablet?

The employability monitor is tested on Android and iOS, and works in the most recent versions of different browsers named in the above.

My account is blocked. What should I do?

If your account is blocked, you can send an email to helpdesk@inzetbaarheidsmonitor.nl. You will then receive a notification when your account has been unblocked.

I can’t make a new assessment. How is that possible?

When creating a new assessment, it is important that the completion of the job profile is good and that the employee is also actually linked to the function. Therefore, make sure you’ve set the norm per employability criteria and whether you’ve assigned the correct job to the employee.

Why can’t a new user see certain features?

Check as an application administrator whether the rights of the new employee are set properly. If not, a user cannot see some features that he should see or he could perform some features while this should not be possible.

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