Competency management

Multi employable or a specialist?

Competency management enables organizations to guide their employees in how to achieve results. In short, how the work should be done. Competency management is very important in anchoring performance management in an organization. To stimulate desired behaviour among  employees, competency management is the perfect instrument. After all, you discuss which behaviour fits the desired situation / culture and ensure employees follow this behaviour. This means that the organization has to bridge the gap between the current and the desired organizational level. Creating focus and making and monitoring appointments will be the thread in this process. Monitoring of the development of employees to meet the requirements set by the organization, is determined by using an assessment system.

Senior consultant, FME-CWM

The Employability Monitor is a practical tool that connects job content, competencies, results and employability, and is an indispensable link for us in the professionalization of Human Resource Management. FME embeds the Employee Monitoring in Performance Management and Competence Management.