Development management

Strategic human resources planning with the monitor…

Development management is supportive to the realization of “what is needed” and “how it should be done” in organisations, as stated in Performance Management and Competency Management. For further growth and development of your employees, the monitor gives you an overview of both the compulsory training requirements and the desired courses. The monitor provides insight into the current level of education within your organization. This gives you a chance to anticipate at maintaining and improving the quality and employability of the employees, now and in the future. Next, the organization needs to guide the employees in the courses followed, as well as on the development of competencies. The employee could keep up with his development through a Personal Development Plan (PDP). Government is looking forward. The monitor is able match future desired competences with the current situation. Customers use it for general review and composition of (project)teams. Potentials and their characteristics are identified and groups of employees are selected for their talents and talent development.

HR manager, Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals

“Our experience is that the employability monitor significantly contributes to the widening of (necessary) knowledge. In addition, the employability monitor is an important tool that validates a review or gives direction to a plan. We chose Alympus because the employability monitor is available online. A great choice because it greatly enhances and facilitates the use of the employability monitor. In our view, the monitor is an extremely smart move from Alympus!”